Brain push ups

I have done this before, but it’s not the fun side of blogging.

Learning a new computer package is hard. Each decision is an exercise in frustration. If I want to make the logo bigger I have to look it up on google, test it, find it doesn’t work, try again later. Type size bigger? Repeat and try again. Insert a photo. Repeat.

And then I forget and I have to relearn each step until it becomes muscle memory.

It’s fun to write, photograph and load. It’s fun to read comments because then you know someone read a post. It’s fun to read an entry aloud to Keith and have him laugh with me at the silliness of a problem or at least my description of it.

But computer set up. Not much fun. The good thing is I have time to make it right so that I can launch and do the write thing I like.

By the way I have a logo. I just can’t figure out how to load it … Here it is … Oops. now I can’t remember out how to load it again. Argh.

This was done by an artist in Romania, India or maybe Antartica. It cost $30. If I had done it in the old days, I would have probably charged $500. I am so f**** glad I retired.

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