You are invited…

Last year Keith, Django the dog, and I travelled 12,000 miles in our Winnebego 2500FL Travel Trailer and our bright red truck. We shared our best pictures in a series of blog posts that reached maybe a dozen people.

Custer State Park, S. D. 2021

This year we have two major trips planned. Our goal is to keep friends and family entertained enough to check in once in a while to see where we’ve been and where we’re going. With that goal in mind, here’s A Mile at a Time, the story of Laura and Keith’s retirement journey.

The first trip gets us out of the cold and into Florida and South Georgia.

In July we’ll start in Florida and head out again for a 3- 4 month trip to Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

A Mile at a Time will make it possible for you to join us on the ups and downs of travel. There will be plenty of challenges along the way. There will be fantastic views, flowers and fauna and passion projects by Americans with too much time on their hands and a whole lot to say. You’ll meet Democrats and Republicans, retirees and teenagers. And you will see, I’m sure, why our State and National Parks are unparalleled treasures that need to be nurtured and supported with your hard-earned tax dollars.


  1. I am very excited to be part of your journey, to read about your adventures, laugh at your comments, and “see” our glorious diverse country. Thank you for setting your blog up and struggling with the new software.

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