Forest Rx

Prescribed Burn, Withlacoochee State Forest, Inverness, FL

Our first hike of the trip was the day after the  Florida forest managers set the forest on fire.

Called a “prescribed burn” this was a way of controlling undergrowth. It scarred the area, destroyed dead trees, scrub brush and seeders like pine cones.

“Prescribed Burn” is politically correct because sometimes “controlled burns” get out of control. California, I’m looking at you.

The gophers were happy. Within hours they were back creating the mounds and burrows that punctuate the landscape.

I wish I could tell you what this plant is. Keith thinks it is an air plant. Believable since there are air plants everywhere you look in central Florida. Couldn’t identify using Google.

We found this air plant on the ground at our campsite. Now it’s our centerpiece.


  1. Thanks. I am making an air plant arrangement. Will go and pick one up. Keith thinks they get nourishment from humidity and I can keep it alive in Connecticut by spritzing it. Ya think?. Really pretty and abundant.

    Thanks for reading my blog!💓


  2. Definitely an air plant. We had them all over the mahogany trees that grew on the swale around our house in Coral Gables. Many of them get very pretty flowers. .


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