A Dark Side to Wild Florida

There is great beauty in central Florida, but there is a dark side too.

I didn’t realize that a State with an economy built around water, warm weather and a lush, humid climate can also experience severe drought.

Our campground and surrounding towns appear to be ground zero for this drought, since it is the heart of he lakes region in central FL.

Look closely at the picture at the top of the page. It’s a fishing pier that goes nowhere. Draped over the side is the banner “SAVE OUR LAKES”.

Here is the full picture. The pier is on the upper left. Note the boats. They are hauled onto The ground maybe 50′ away. It’s not a comedy photo. It’s because the lake is disappearing.

Ever the researcher I turned to google. The first article I found on the drought was in 1994. More recently the State announced it was going to Save the Lakes. The drought has caused significant damage to the Lakes region’s economy

But right now that effort is dead in the water. The Jacksonville energy company said they need the water for the people of Jacksonville. For the good of the city, this man who owns a fishing pier on Lake Brooklyn is left with a dead lake.


  1. Drought is a common problem all over Florida. With the current government it isn’t going to get better.


  2. Explosive growth doesn’t help. Jacksonville is the fastest growing city in Florida. And for some reason all those people want water. But the growth in the Lakes region is significant as well. If you look at realtor.com. it’s clear that large properties are being broken up into 1/3 acre lots selling gor $7k to $15k. As those properties sell, those people will want water too.


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