Domesticated Goddess RV Style

Cleaning isn’t my thing. I do it at home because it must be done (once in a while). I certainly don’t revel in it; I have no system; my tips can be counted on one hand.

In my RV, I am a new woman. Our 27’x8′ tiny home gets dirty fast.

Between the mud outside our door and the sand tracked in from the gravel pad, the floor can be a gritty mess. Dishes pile up when we try and save water. Django the dog brings wood into the trailer for a nonexistent fireplace.

Yesterday I tackled the filthy dinette cushions. They’re some kind of plastic woven fabric with an array of stains of unknown origin.

I tested Zep carpet cleaner, Dawn dish soap, and Meyers general cleaner.

My process included:

  • Spraying
  • Scrubbing gently with a brush
  • Dipping the cushion cover in a bucket until water was clear (That took seven water refreshes. It was filthy.)
  • Drying in the shade.

Zep was the clear winner. The cushion looks new where I sprayed Zep.

So proud of myself. I’ll do a cushion a day until all cushions are clean.

Watch out couch cushions at home. This domesticated goddess is coming for you.


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