Exercise on the Road

When Keith and I decided to RV, I had a lot of worries. One of my biggest concerns was exercise.

I knew there would be many opportunities to walk. Trails are commonly associated with camping.

But what about the yoga routine that I started early in the pandemic. I really didn’t want to let that slip.

Here are some solutions that have kept me on track.

1. Dr. Melissa West is so good on YouTube that I joined her membership site. Melissa is very natural and offers adaptations to make postures accessible. She has Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga videos. Her tag line is “Real Yoga for Real People” (That’s me. I’m real people … not a lithe 25 yo model). Best of all, I’ve never been injured following her instructions.

2. The Girl with the Pilates Mat is a British You Tuber and I love her classes. Rachel is a former dancer who offers many different levels of mat and standing pilates. Her pilates for seniors is terrific because she focuses on core, balance and functional activities. And her resistance classes are a good way to do strength training without weights.

3. If I don’t have cell service I like to do Sue Fuller’s classes on Audible. Her instructions are clear. And her beginner classes are well paced, challenging and easy to follow.

As for the embarrassment factor, I figured out a workaround for that as well. If my campsite is too open to the world, I look for an empty tent site that has a privacy hedge. Voila. My own private yoga room. I also look for shade, which is very important on a hot sunny day.

My Yoga Room at Okefenokee Pastimes Campground

What do you do to keep your exercise program on track while traveling?

Do you have any favorite You Tube instructors?


  1. We walk every day whether we are home or are traveling in our travel trailer. I may have to check out one of the videos for days when the weather prevents us from walking. It’ll provide a little variety, too.

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