Price check. Gas and campsite costs.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Jacksonville, FL

We have been traveling for four weeks in northern Florida and southern Georgia.

Our three big RVing expenses are: gas, campsites, and maintenance.

Here’s our cost for 30 days travel.


  • $4. Average price per gallon.

…508 miles towing trailer at 10 mpg. $201.

  • 945 miles traveling in truck without tow 19 mpg. $263

The total cost of gas: $464

Time it took to do this math problem (three hours!!!!!)


30 nights. 5 different campgrounds. Average $34 per night including fees and taxes.


One blown tire on I-95. Replaced with Goodyear Endurance. $181 including installation.

Turns out my 2019 camper had 5-year-old tires.

Note to self. All tires need to be replaced before our next trip. Also need to fix trim damage from blow-out. (A big long sigh inserted here.)


  1. Will gas prices affect any travel plans? Do you still plan to go on your big trip? When are you coming back. We miss you!


    • Still planning big trip to Utah. That was what prompted 3 hours of math. I wanted to figure out a standardized way to think about budgeting. One way to offset the increased price of gas is boondocking and trying to keep cost of campsites down. I think $34 a night is quite good.

      Back on the 18th.


  2. I’m glad you were able to pull off safely to change that blown tire! Here in WA state we jokingly refer to strips of tire on the freeways as “gators” so you can imagine my then boyfriend/now husband’s surprise when I referred to a strip of truck tire as a “big gator”. (He grew up in Florida.) Hahaha I hope the gas prices won’t impact your travel plans too much.


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