A Happy Anniversary

Campground in Titusville, FL.

Two years ago today, I retired.

The best thing about retirement is having the time to pursue interests that catch my fancy.

Here are a few of the things I’ve done since I stopped working.

1. I’ve travelled with Keith and Django the dog more than 20,000 miles and visited 13 states.

2. I’ve doom scrolled for hours on end. It used to be about Covid, the wildfires, the heat dome and Donald Trump (Remember him?) Now it’s the tragedy in Ukraine, inflation and the price of gas.

3. I have cooked 95% of our meals in the last two years. It used to be because we were concerned about eating indoors. Now it’s a matter of dollars and cents. Lunch is $15pp.  Dinner is $25pp. And that doesn’t include drinks. Dinner at home or in the RV runs about $7pp plus wine or beer.

4. I have walked 12,000 steps or 5 miles four days a week. I do gentle yoga or pilates 3 to 4 days a week. I’m working on improving my balance.

5. Other healthy behaviors have included at least one bean meal and one tofu meal a week. (I figure flexitarian is the.way to go both for me personally and for the planet.) I’m up to two fruit servings a day, and I have finally switched out brown for white rice and reduced sugar consumption markedly.

6. I’m on my second blog. The first one used the Blogspot platform and documented my travels in 2021. In Feb 2022 I started A Mile at a Time on WordPress. 

7. I’ve read 16 books thanks to my book club.

8. I’ve organized my finances to be sure we are living within our new means.

9. I’ve made a few new friends.

All in all things are good. But what do I write about in my blog between trips? Not a bad worry to have during these crazy times (See item 2.)


  1. I have not heard the term “doom scroll.” When I switched from Blogspot (about one year there, too) to WordPress, I imported all my posts to WordPress. I wanted them all in one place. You’ve been very productive during your retirement!

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    • Hi Betty. 1. Don’t you think doom scroll is a very descriptive term? 2. I had no idea I could important my Blogspot posts into WordPress. I may try to do that. 3. After I looked at this list I felt productive and engaged and that made me very happy. Thanks for the feedback.

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