Sugar low. Sugar high. (1)

Oscar Wilde

When I was a young woman, this quote made no sense to me. I was an “all in” kind of girl. Black or white. Do it 100% or not at all. All or nothing. And this went for most things … work, hobbies, exercise programs, dieting. And where did it get me?

I am still losing the same 30 pounds 50 years later

I can’t tell you how many different hobbies I have blown through since 1970. Running, Weight Watchers, ukelele, guitar, knitting, Weight Watchers, beading, recorder (really), contra dancing, ballroom dancing, cross country skiing and Weight Watchers.

Now I need to do a few things and sustain them.

I have been thinking about moderation specifically because I need to cut back on sugar. I hear about people living “clean” and completely cutting sugar from their diet. They get grumpy and sad. I’ll be grumpy and sad too, if I decide to never eat ice cream again.

The challenge is sugar. I eat too much. How much? I have no idea. The average American eats 77 grams of sugar a day. Many people eat more than that and many people eat less, but the typical American comes in at 77 grams. (Source:American Heart Association.)

Here is an example of what it takes to consume 77 grams of sugar a day:

  • 8 oz Glass of Orange Juice (27 g) and 1 cup of honey nut cheerios (10 g),
  • 1 bottle of ginger beer or coke mid afternoon (39g),
  • 8 oreos (13 g),
  • two cups of coffee or tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar (8 g).

Grand Total for this typical American (formerly me) 87 grams of sugar.

According to the American Heart Association, the target amount of sugar for an American woman is 27 g (37 g for men). There is room for improvement.

Clearly I have me work cut out for me.


  1. Good luck! My family history (on my dad’s side) is full of diabetes, so I try not to consume things with high sugar – at least not too often. Sometimes our food has “hidden” sugar like in ketchup or some of those nut bars I like. I do like to walk every day which for me is a sustainable activity. I could stand to lose 30 pounds, too. Good health is the best wealth!

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