March 31, 2022

It’s a day. Just another day in all ways except one.

I’m 70 today. How the F did that happen?

I feel 40. I haven’t embraced the word “elderly” or “senior” or “Golden oldie.” ( I like the discounts though.)

Instead I want to do the same things I did when I was in college … anything outdoors, travel, informality.

I’ve embraced new things like the computer (Maybe that doesn’t count. I went digital in 1995.)

I saw Arcade Fire a couple of years ago when I won free tickets from NPR. Loved that show.

I’m wide open to new experiences and new foods. Adventurous even.

Sure my balance isn’t great. Got to work on that

I did core exercises this morning. I quit at the half-way mark They were hard, but it’s a win in my mind.

I suppose after 70 years I have earned the right to share life lessons. Here they are:

Never has it been more important to live in the present.

Corollary: The past is past. Influence the future by being smart about the present.

Do what you can to stay healthy.

Smile and laugh a lot.

Stay positive. Look at the bright side.

AND ABOVE ALL, ignore the lifespan table.

Anyone out there have favorite life maxims to live by?

Me with my 94-year old mom who doesn’t like the way she looks in pictures


  1. Happy Birthday! So glad we’re friends! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. And here’s mine: Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff.


  2. Hi Lynne. That is a great maxim. Truly one to live by. Also it was truly a lovely birthday. Took the sting out of the raw numbers.


  3. Happy Birthday! Each journey is our own and should be respected as such. It’s the marketer and advertisers that want to put us in little boxes for profit. Also, the old Hollywood tropes of age and aging don’t help. I’ve never looked at someone and thought they were too old or too young to be a good friend or an interesting conversationalist.

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