RVers: 8 days missing

Ronnie and Beverly Barker (Source: Ronnie E. Barker Rescue Fund. Go Fund Me)

Thanks to RVTravel e-newsletter, we now have the full tragic story of the Indiana couple who lost their way in Nevada outside of cell range.

Ronnie and Beverly Barker were on Rt.95 heading south when their GPS sent them on a backroad and their RV got stuck in the mud. They unhooked their KIA tow vehicle to look for help. It got stuck. They sat in that car for eight days. No cell service. No water. No food, No blankets and night-time weather around 20°F.

Tragically Ronnie died of dehydration on Day 6. Beverly found a way to get some winter snow off the mountain even though she needed a wheelchaur and a walker. But it was too late.

Bev was rescued on Day 8 because she kept honking SOS on her car horn. Search and Rescue was finally close enough to hear it.

Read the RV Travel story. There are a lot of twists and turns on this survival story.

For RVers who travel to remote areas, there are also a lot of lessons to be learned and heeded.

  • Keep your family informed on the details of your itinerary. Ronnie and Bev’s family stayed on the beaurocracy and used social media to find them. It was impressive
  • When travelling, keep blankets, water, and some food in the car or truck in case of emergency.
  • When they sent an SOS via their cell. the message was held up for some reason at the cell tower. Consider getting a satelite SOS system. They are expensive but when you do a lot of remote travel it’s worth it.
  • Check your google maps settings. If it’s set to “avoid highways” or “avoid main tolls” you could end up on weird back roads. It has happened to us several times.

RVers often travel in remote places. Be careful everyone.



Ronnie Barker Go Fund Me Page


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