Not one cold in two years!!!!

No sniffles. No scratchy throat. Not a cough or a sneeze. The last two years are the healthiest I’ve ever been.

I am not the only one. I’ve heard the same from all my masked friends.

Now that we are heading into the new normal where masking is optional or occasional I have to ask myself whether masking is so bad.

Personally hate the mask. I find it a huge barrier to communication. My mom is very hard of hearing. Only now do I understand how much she reads lips.

I also miss facial expressions. A warm smile can alleviate tension and smooth over misunderstandings. Ask the poor flight attendants who’ve been defusing mask fights since 2020.

I am fine with a more nuanced masking policy that takes into account local covid conditions. I’m hoping that the CDC, the White House and other smart people come up with a science-based warning system that alerts local communities when it is time to remask.

They can probably use waste water testing or hospitalizations as a trigger. The system can operate like NOAA. NOAA warns us of hurricanes, flooding and tornado, and fire risks. Add Covid to the list.

It won’t be perfect, but it will give us the chance to live our lives without continuous fear.

BTW an awful lot of my friends are getting colds, the flu or omicron right now.


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