This week I learned I’m aging — not just chronologically but also biologically.

Buffalo National River near Yellville, Arkansas. August 2021.

I’m not whining here.  I’m just stating an objective fact. For the first time I know that my bones are more brittle. My hip and spine are “moderately” degenerating (whatever that means) and my body isn’t working with the same reliability it has in years past.

This fact of retirement was probably obvious to everyone but me. Aging is as much a part of life as puberty. I wasn’t happy about that either.

Our bodies eventually wear out whether we want them to or not.

Up to now. I have been doing 20, 40 and 60 mile tune ups. I changed the oil and bought new tires now and then. This time I may need to replace a part or become bionic.

We’ll see.

I’m blessed with a positive disposition. I’m going to look for the improvements that make forest walks and an active lifestyle possible. I might even learn more about functional exercise and natural medicine. I also expect I’ll be spending a little more time in doctors’ offices. Yuck.

It’s hard to find adventure from a recliner. Now I have to go stretch.


  1. I hear you! It’s better than the alternative though as they say. I have some hip pain that I “manage”, so I’ll be interested in reading about the path you take. I, for one, don’t want surgery. But, down the road, it could come to that. Maybe. Good luck!

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    • I wondered whether I should publish this. Too personal perhaps. A Debbie downer. Then I thought if I am writing a blog partly about retirement how can I not acknowlwdge the changes in our bodies. Hence the post. I am sure there is more to come.

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  2. Not a Debbie Downer! More like a Realistic Rita.

    I admire your attitude and self-knowledge, Laura. And your willingness to share what you learn as you create your path.

    ( you reminded me that I was told I have degenerative arthritis years ago. Conveniently forgot! )

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    • Thx Sallyanne. The great news is you forgot! I am going to put that on my management plan. Oops can’t find it. Now where did I put it? Oh that’s right. It’s somewhere with my glasses.


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