Unfold kayak. Hook up sides. Paddle

At 10 am, we had two 25lb sheets of plastic tucked into the bed of our truck. It took 15 minutes for these flat plastic sheets to become floating vessels with seats, kayak paddles, foot rests, and ample places to latch our waterproof ditty bags. Video of assembling Tucktek.

View from the East River.

Think of the Tucktek folding kayaks as a life-size origami project that’s seaworthy and well worth the money for a retiree who likes short casual kayak trips in calm weather where there are no alligators. They are also perfect for the kayaker who dreads the idea of putting two 50 lb boats on the roof rack of a truck.

A kayak. Really!!!

Memorial Day in Guilford was a perfect day to test the kayaks. It was a balmy 91degrees F. Wind was 10 mph. We unfolded the kayaks in our back yard and drove them down to a river launch just a 1/4-mile from our house.

Everything familiar looked entirely different from the river. The Black ibises and egrets were abundant. These salt marsh loving birds never make it to our back yard so they were a treat. We thought we saw a godwit. But these birds seem to reside everywhere except America so I guess we misidentified.

We saw our house from the river. That was a surprise. Turns out we have a view of the river from our third floor attic. I’ll have to look out that window some time.

Keith arranged for us to launch at 11:15am when the incoming tide pushed us up the river. When we turned around 45 minutes later, the tide was going out making it possible for us to drift back at our leisure.

I am delighted we bought the Tuctek kayaks. They will be great for RVing. Most campgrounds are on the water so the kayaks will be a nice nature-loving alternative to hiking.

There are some downsides though.

Firstly getting in and out of a kayak is not a pretty sight. Ask anyone if they look graceful when they are leaning over, ass in the air trying to situate themselves in the vessel. I can tell you for sure, they don’t.

Secondly these kayaks are only for calm water with low winds. I will always stay near the shore with my personal floatation device (PDF) on my body. If you aspire to paddling across a big lake or out in the Long Island Sound, buy something else. If you like to challenge yourself in white water or on a rolling river rent a sturdier kayak or canoe.

The Tucktec is only for casual kayaking on good days.

Oh and if there are lots of Alligators around, maybe pass on that as that well.

Watch video of alligator charging kayak.



  1. This looks like great fun! And since you are close to a river, you can use them as often as you like. We’ve gone kayaking a couple times. There is nothing so peaceful as a morning excursion on a kayak. Enjoy!

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  2. Your kayaking adventure looks wonderful! But then I’m a desert-dweller, so anything that includes water looks wonderful to me.

    And that video reminds me of a ranger-led boat trip I took years ago in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. It was gorgeous, but dang, there were a lot of alligators.

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  3. Glad you had fun with your new kayaks. It’s a nice option to have when you live close to calm waters. I love seeing birds and aquatic plants when I go kayaking. Thank you for sharing this with us at #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  4. What a great idea for not having to figure out how to get it from Point A to Point B on the car roof or trailer. I’ve sent my husband the link because he’s coming due for a new kayak….

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