A change in priorities

Three months ago, I was really busy.

There weren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted to do. I needed to reclaim time.

This has been a problem for at least twenty years. Working or retired, I fill my days. It’s a temperament thing or perhaps a character flaw. I’m not sure which.

Accompanying my “busyness flaw” is my “vanity flaw”. I would rather lose hours every week than LOOK OLDER or even look my age. I deluded myself into thinking I was the female Dorian Gray, the ageless guy who sold his soul so that a painted portrait would age and he would remain 30 forever. (He also led a libertine life but that doesn’t apply.)

Anyway my strategy was to find seven hours a week to pursue my interests. So I put a chain on my glasses.

That is all I did. I leashed my glasses to my body so I wouldn’t lose them and I haven’t regretted it for a moment.

The problem is I can’t read with my glasses even though I have bifocals. I can’t use my computer with my glasses and I can’t watch Netflix.

Every time I cook, write my blog or use my computer I take my glasses off and lose them.

And I spent an hour a day searching for the damn things.

I’ve found them on the floor, behind a bookcase and even in the refridgerator. One time I found the silly things on our old stone wall because I can’t weed with my glasses.

Bottom line.

Practicality trumped vanity and I embraced the librarian look

Thank you to Sadje at LifeAfter50ForWomen blog. Her Topsey Turvey post got me thinking.

In case you are wondering (because I did), Glasses are always plural because they’re a pair of lenses. The plural of monocle is monocles.


    • Great question. I am very nearsighted. During COVID lockdown, I found out after 50 years wearing glasses I didn’t really need them in the house unless I want to watch birds. I think it is habit. Definitely need for outside though.


  1. Ha! I had cataract surgery and only need glasses to read smaller print. I was so happy. I bought several ‘reader’ glasses and left them around the house. Only problem was they were never within reach when I needed them. So I’m back to wearing glasses full time. It&/ easier and less stressful. Like you, I have them ‘chained’ around my neck when I don’t need them.

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    • I have heard cataract surgery is amazing. People who’ve worn glasses theìr whole lives can suddenly see. Beauty of modern science. Welcome to the chained gang Betty.


  2. I feel your pain and laughed out loud! Having endured terrible sight for years, I had Lasik in my 40s – loved it. Then I got an early cataract in my 50s and had a lens implant – that was great too. Then age caught up with me and I have glasses for the TV and different ones for computing. I foolishly chose dark frames and can’t find the darned things anywhere. When I work at the airport, I have to keep putting them on my head to look at my notes.

    My eyes (and everything else…) have become intolerably dry so I can’t even wear makeup as much as I would like. Geez Louise – who would be old??? 🧐

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