Birds aren’t Real.

The Snow Moon Peeking through the Spanish Moss

Yeah. They are real at least at Mike Roess State Park. It’s all about the birds here. Ring Necked Ducks, Carolina Wrens and Eastern Meadowlarks were all seen or heard within a 15 minute time span just past dawn.

Ring Neck Duck (Wikipedia)

This is the time of day that birds stretch their wings and say hello to each other.

Last night it was a sedge of Sandhill Cranes. (Thank you google. I had to look that one up.)

Sandhill Cranes

They were saying good night in the shade of the snow moon, a stunning ball of light low in the dusk sky and illuminating the lake and the grasses surrounding them.

And then there was the Merlin (or was it the Euasian Kestral), a hawk-like brown bird with mottled wings and a bright yellow beak. It took it’s time in the tree to pose for a picture (if I had a $1500 telephoto lens. Which I don’t. )

Merlin (Wikipedia)

I love my Samsung 10 camera phone. I’m often surprised by the quality of the images and the effectiveness of the 10x telephoto lens. But it just doesn’t do it when it comes to photographing birds.


    • Thx Ellen. I had to pull two pictures from Wikipedia. My phone just doesn’t work for a bird 40 feet away. Better to show and attribute than not show at all. Keith and I are having a great time. The pace is relaxed. The locations absorbing. And I just love being in the woods. So glad you are joining us on this adventure.


  1. I am so pleased you have discovered the early morning chorus…I get that every morning they are just starting as I type and then squirrels appear to treat me to an acrobatic display as they jump and fly around the branches of the mango and banana trees…Keep enjoying and marvelling at the wonders of the animal world 🙂


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