‘Spring’ sprung in February

Camelia. I thought it was a Peony.

It’s “spring” at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville. Lots of flowers are posing for pictures.

Mauve Painted Petals
Ground Orchid
Azalea (in my Connecticut yard they bloom in late May)

Bamboo Forest

On a totally different garden topic, let’s talk bamboo. Kanapoha has a fabulous bamboo forest. In addition to the bamboo stand by the red bridge they have a bamboo bower 20- feet in diameter for reflecting, having a picnic or just getting away from the Florida sun.

It was beautiful and I appreciated it BUT…

I hate bamboo. Detest it. Think it should be banned from the earth. In Connecticut I saw an acre destroyed by bamboo. The Rhyzomes extend deep into the earth. Conquering the invader required heavy equipment, a plastic barrier six feet down, lots of money and no guarantees.

Bamboo Bower Panorama. (Move with your finger. Find Keith. Look up. Look Down. Look all Around. If it works.)

Would love to know the secret of containing the damn thing.

I digress.

Seeing azaleas 2.5 months early was a joy.

Have you seen any signs of early spring?

What is your experience with bamboo?


  1. The best way to get rid of it is to cut each stalk individually and brush each cut with a paintbrush dipped in brush-be-gone or a similar herbicide. Time consuming but effective. You may get a few that grow back but they will be weaker and you keep treating them the same way until they all die. That’s what worked for me.

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